Haircutting by the moon

I had a client ask me if they should schedule their haircut during certain lunar phases of the moon. I have to say, I was completely stumped by this question. I knew that the moon played a part in agriculture and tides, but what sway could the moon have on our tresses? Since Halloween just passed, I thought this would be a fun blog to post. Is there any science behind this claim or is it just myth?


I started my research at the Farmers Almanac. The farmers Almanac has been in publication for centuries and is known for it's predictions of weather patterns years in advance, agricultural advice, and astronomical data. The book suggests that if you cut your hair on certain days while the moon is getting bigger (waxing moon) that your hair will grow faster. Unfortunately, the source where they get their data is unknown. They only state that they use a secret mathematical and astronomical formula. The formula takes things like sunspot activity, tidal action of the moon, planets positioning, and other factors in consideration when forming their predictions.


It is scientifically proven that the moon affects plant growth and has a direct pull over large bodies of water. Our human bodies are in fact made of 60% water. SO why not? If the moon can magnetically pull bodies of water creating high tide, then why can't it increase the blood flow to our heads, providing more nutrients to our hair allowing it to grow faster? In theory this all makes perfect sense. Except, the moons gravitational force depends on how close the moon is to the earth, not the phases of the moon.

For centuries, our ancestors believed that the moon energy was the cause for many things like menstruation, fertility, sleep, and seizures, and even make people crazy. The phrase, “It must be a full moon” was a way to explain why unusual things were happening. In fact, the words “lunatic” and “lunacy” stem from the word Luna- The Roman Goddess of the moon. Belief that humans would transform into werewolves or vampires during a full moon, also known as the “Transylvania effect” was a popular belief throughout Europe during the middle ages. Though many studies have been conducted on the effects of the moon on the human body, the results have been found inconclusive or false. The moons gravitational force is not strong enough to have any affect on the water in our bodies.


Another popular belief deeply rooted in many cultures is the belief in Western Astrology- A practice that dates back to 19-17 century BCE that links a person to a horoscope and can explain personality traits and predict events in their lives based on the position of planets and constelations in our solar system. This belief linking our life energy to nature and the universe. Even though our hair is not living, it is still a carrier of energy. Take a moment and think about what happens to your hair when a balloon comes near your hair. You can see the effects of static electricity traveling through your hair. The belief is, your hair will grow longer when you cut it during a waxing moon because the energies of growth are strong when the moon is growing.


So does it work? Who can really say. There is no scientific proof that it truly works, but if scheduling your haircut appointments during the waxing moon helps you keep up on regular trimmings, then by all means give it a try! Otherwise, here are some tried and true tips to growing longer locks!

  • Regular trims (every 6-8 weeks is the average)

  • Shampoo your hair less (allow your hairs natural oils to condition. Brush hair from root to ends with a boar bristle brush to spread your hairs natural oils.)

  • Don't over brush your hair (brushing too much can encourage breakage)

  • Be gentle when brushing. Start from ends and work your way up.

  • Avoid bleaching hair

  • Use moisturizing treatments like hot oil and coconut

  • eat vitamin rich foods like spinach and salmon.





Erin Lynn