How to keep your hair healthy this winter

Tis the season for dry scalp, static electricity, hat hair, and breakage. Here are some helpful tips to keep your hair looking lovely all winter long!


  1. Dry hair and scalp- Lack of moisture in the air can cause our hair to look really dull and lifeless and our scalp to dry out and flake or feel irritated. To avoid this, try a hot oil treatment or some coconut oil. Heat it for a few seconds until warm and massage into your scalp or on hair. Leave in for 20 minutes, then shampoo and condition as normal.


  1. Static electricity- Use a boar bristle brush or brushes made of rubber or metal. Plastic brushes will only make the static worse because the electrons will jump from the brush to your hair. If you only use shampoo, try adding conditioner or a leave in conditioner to your routine. Rubbing a hair styling sheet through your hair can also help reduce static. Likewise, you can lightly rub a dryer sheet on your static filled hair. I also recommend drying your hair with an ionic blow dryer, to help reduce static electricity. Wearing cotton or wool hats instead of hats made of synthetic fibers will also help you avoid static.


  1. Hat hair- Bring a dry shampoo or texturizing spray with you and apply to hair after you remove your hat. You can also try parting your hair in the opposite direction before putting your hat on. When you remove your hat, try flipping hair upside down and massaging your scalp at the root, then flip hair back over to create volume.


  1. Breakage- Be mindful of how you put on hats, scarves and hoodies. Make sure nothing is tight fitting or is causing any tension on the hair strands. This will create breakage and unnecessary fall out. Use leave in conditioners to help keep hair thoroughly moisturized and avoid hair breakage.


It is a myth that we lose more hair over the winter and that our hair doesn't grow as fast. However, you may notice that your hair feels more brittle in the winter months. This is because of the lack of moisture in the air. It's very important that we protect our hair now that winter is upon us. If you give your mane a little TLC and take some extra measures to condition and moisturize, your hair will stay shiny and healthy all winter long!




Erin Lynn